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View from Sutton Bank Yorkshire

What, the 'Finest View in England' is only 450 metres away?That's gotta be worth a visit - and it was!I'm ...
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Holiday close to the River Rye

Spring Cottage is in Rydale, which takes its name from, surprise surprise, the River Rye. Here it is, very well ...
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Spring Cottage Buddleia and Butterflies

I simply don't tire of watching the butterflies at work on the buddleia. It's swarming!Karen   Check this out on ...
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Cycling in Ryedale

One thing I love about Spring Cottage is that only a short stroll from the cottage and you're in quiet ...
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Yorkshire Country Cottage Garden

Look very closely and you can see we have 3 guards on the swings.I'm sure they'll move out of your ...
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Happy Birthday To Spring Cottage

Today we're celebrating 10 years as owners of Spring Cottage.How the world has changed, how technology has advanced, how the ...
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Special Yorkshire Memories

Why is this picture so special to me?Firstly because whenever I'm sitting in Spring Cottage's garden, I'm in my special ...
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Where to visit in North Yorkshire

When the Cook Family stayed at Spring Cottage they enjoy great trips out to Whitby, Robin Hood’s Bay, Dalby Forest ...
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York to London

Please share this with your friends in the south, some of whom think coming to Yorkshire is like heading to ...
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*Yorkshire Art! *

Look what my son and I made from items found around the garden.Clever us, or what! ;-)Karen   Check this ...
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