Bedroom Cupbard Revamp

Bedroom Cupbard Revamp

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Even the interior of the cupboards get personal attention at Spring Cottage!
Here's my sister lining the Victorian wash stand with some striking printed paper.
Bedroom storage will never be the same again!

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Places to eat in Malton

Places to eat in Malton

If you're in Malton and fancy a glass of fizz to go with your sandwich, then head to No 46 Cafe Bar in Malton's market place where you can get both!

And watch the hustle and bustle of the market place at the same time.

Just look at their display of cakes too. Pretty impressive!

I'd totally recommend it.

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Things To See In York Minster

Things To See In York Minster

Love this article in Yorkshire Life about 5 weird and wonderful things to spot in York Minster. What a great venue for eye-spy!

Read more:

Some are even a little rude!

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Meet the team

Time to meet the Spring Cottage Yorkshire Team.

Here’s Helen, the lovely lady who runs Treacles Cakes and is responsbile for your welcome tray goodies.

I know, like me, you enjoy her delicious cakes, scones, biscuits, jams and chutneys, but let’s find out a little bit more about Helen and her business.

Helen, please tell us a little about yourself.

meet the Spring Cottage Yorkshire teamHi, I’m Helen and I run Treacles Cakes.  I grew up on a farm in North Yorkshire and that is where my kitchen is now based.

Baking has long been a passion of mine. I’ve been running Treacles Cakes for 5 years and 2 years ago I was able to give up my day job and concentrate on Treacles Cakes full time. I haven’t looked back with a lot of my previous work colleagues being my most faithful customers! And Karen and Spring Cottage of course!

As a local, when you get some time off, where’s your favourite place to visit?

Being self employed doesn’t give me the luxury of a huge amount of time off but I love to take the dogs to the seaside.  Hunmanby gap is just down the road from Filey and offers miles of glorious unspoilt beach (when the tide is out!).  Hutton Le Hole is a lovely place to take a picnic and play pooh sticks on the bridge over the beck.

Do you have such a thing as a typical day?

My early delivery days are usually Mondays and Thursdays so they are 6am starts.  I usually get back to the kitchen by about 9.30.  No two days are the same, so it depends what I have in my order book as to how I plan each day.

Do you have a weekly routine?

Every week I know I will have busy baking days on Wednesdays and Sundays.  My work is quite seasonal, so at the moment I am madly making Christmas cakes.  If I have a celebration cake to make for say Saturday, I know the cake needs to be made on Thursday to ice and decorate on Friday to have time to set for delivery on Saturday.brownies from Treacles Cakes

Where do you source your ingredients?  Any local stall/shop you recommend for sourcing ingredients that the public could can visit?

A lot of my eggs come from the chickens we have on the farm but unfortunately they cannot lay enough to fulfil my demand so I supplement them with a supply from a local farm with free range chickens.  The fruit and beg stall at the Saturday market in Malton is good for seasonal fruit like strawberries in summer.

When you make jam and chutney for Spring Cottage guests, where does the fruit come from?

I am very lucky to be able to source a never ending supply of rhubarb, blackcurrants and redcurrants from a friend with a huge garden who grows them in abundance.  On the farm we have a big orchard with a massive Bramley apple tree, blackberry bushes and gooseberry bushes.  We harvest everything when in season and freeze the fruit to use throughout the year.

pond cake from Treacles CakesWhat’s your favourite thing to bake and why?

I enjoy baking everything really – chocolate brownies are a winner with all my customers so I tend to be baking those all of the time!  I love decorating cakes for special occasions and getting a loose brief that I can interpret how I want like this outdoor garden/pond cake.

What’s your best selling item?

Everyone seems to love my chocolate brownies and lemon drizzle cake is always a hit.


On a scone, what’s your take on the jam first or cream first debate – which one goes on first?

For me it has to be jam on first – if it went on top of the cream surely it would slide off?!?

Where else can I get your products?

I supply cakes to Hovingham Hall when they are open to the public in June.  I supply Stillingfleet Lodge Gardens for their café from April to September. A small selection of the cakes I make and my contact details can be found at

What’s your best baking tip?

I think the biggest tip I can give is to know your oven.  When I first used my new ovens in my kitchen, I tried a Victoria sponge and the cakes did not come out right.  Turning the oven down by 10 degrees gave perfect results.

Do you watch the Great British Bake Off?

Yes, I watch when I can.  The last series was a close call, but no surprise that Candice edged the win this year.

Any recipe/cake/goodie that you’re working on and will soon form part of your range?

Well at the request of my brother, I am testing out a chocolate fruit cake with added nuts. The results have been well received so far.

For more info on the yummy, Yorkshire goodies that could be waiting for you on arrival at Spring Cottage, click here: Yorkshire Goodies Page


Do you want more ideas and inspiration on where to visit and what to do while on holiday in Yorkshire? Then click here and download a copy of my guide to North Yorkshire’s hidden gems, to help you get the most out of your time here:

Guide To Yorkshire

Oh dear!York Minster has sacked all 30 of its volunteer bellringers

Oh dear!York Minster has sacked all 30 of its volunteer bellringers

Oh dear!
York Minster has sacked all 30 of its volunteer bellringers. I wonder what's happened there!
The bells won't now be heard until Easter. Such a shame.

I hope they sort themselves out soon!

The Minster is still well worth a visit, it'll just be a quieter city for now!

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Here's more in TheTelegraph:


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Pickering War Weekend

Pickering War Weekend

Yes it's that time of year again when the streets of Pickering turn the clock back 75 years

This annual event sees costumes galore and the North Yorkshire Moors Railway is central to the weekend. Stations along the steam railway's tracks will transport you to different parts of the second world war – even to Nazi occupied Germany!

Not to be missed. Find out more here:

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6 of the best handmade chocolates from Yorkshire

What a hard job this journalist must have had!

You'd expect nothing but perfection, given York's chocolate making past. Terry's, Fry's, Rowntrees to name but 3!

Read more:

The chocolate factory in the North York Moors village of Hutton le Hole is a particular favourite. What better treat to enjoy on a walk from there.

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